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How to successfully analyze and select an investment How to successfully analyze and select an investment.
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Alternative Asset Class Investing -
Highly diversified investment knowledge to take advantage of today's dynamic market opportunities.

LJH Global Investments is a family investment office with expertise to help sophisticated investors - both high net worth families and institutional managers - navigate the complexities of alternative asset investing. At LJH, we are in the business of ensuring that discipline, order and process work together to capture the alternative investment opportunities presented by today’s economic environment. Broadly defined, alternative investments traditionally have been private partnerships that employ sophisticated investment strategies with a goal of achieving attractive, risk-adjusted rates of return.

At LJH, alternative investments means not just hedge funds, but the full spectrum of nontraditional investment vehicles such as:


  •  Private Equity
  •  Real Estate
  •  Energy Related Assets
  •  Commodities
  •  Specialty Finance Investments

While our strategies are sophisticated, they are delivered clearly and concisely. This straight talk means clients understand the unique investment opportunities, the role they should play in their portfolio, and a customized investment approach based on their specific goals and requirements.

LJH has been refining its approach to alternative investments since the early 1990s, and we are proud of our position as an innovative voice that is constantly evolving in the industry.